Blockchain and distributed ledger technology enables peer to peer, trustless transfer of value without the need for a third party intermediary or central authority. The innovation of blockchain and distributed ledgers have the potential to lower operational costs and risks, as well as expedite settlement, which could support balance sheet optimization. It is widely believed that blockchain technology has the potential to be the most disruptive innovation the financial services industry has had to face. As a firm, we are exploring the technology as a means to bring efficiency to operational processes and provide a competitive advantage. Our client aims to be on the forefront of this technology, partnering with the business and industry experts alike The blockchain team at this client is viewed across the industry as leader. Our influence in the still nascent field will help shape how the technology is deployed within this bank and industry-wide Working within the Global Markets Blockchain Team will get you early exposure to the technology, its uses and the underlying businesses the technology supports

The team is responsible for:
Developing and executing the blockchain strategy firm-wide.
Representing Client interests at R3, PTDL and other industry consortiums
Prioritizing and executing meaningful POC's that position the firm to deliver blockchain technology to internal stakeholders and clients alike
Providing insight, pipeline and advice on joint ventures and investment opportunities

Primary Duties:
Work collaboratively in a cross-functional / cross-disciplinary infrastructure team with SMEs from across the firm
Contribute research documents, including white and yellow papers, for consumption inside and outside of the firm
Participate (BA/PM) in various projects as a technical lead or business case liaison
Participate in industry consortia and multi-entity projects
sehr gute Kenntnisse in gängigen Methoden und Tools des Projektmanagements
gerne Kenntnisse  im Einsatz/ der Auswahl/ Einführung von spezifischer Bankensoftware

We seek and all-rounder with skills that match most of the below:
Familiar with DLT technologies such as Ethereum, Eris, BitCoin, Corda, Blockstream, HyperLedger, and languages including Java, Solidity, and Corda
Solid understanding of Capital Markets and its key operational functions
Working knowledge of regulatory frameworks and issues
Understanding of IT Infrastructure fundamentals (Compute architecture, Databases, Web and Application Communications, Storage subsystems, Networks).
Ability to learn the most common blockchain languages (e.g. Solidity and BitCoin Script), Java, and Go
Familiarity with DLT technologies such as Ethereum, Eris, BitCoin, Corda, Blockstream, HyperLedger
Familiarity with common software development (e.g. git, SVN, JIRA, etc)
Knowledge of cryptography and PKI Presentation and Soft Skills
Personality & Cultural Fit
Excellent team player and collaborator
Excellent problem solver
Able to interact with front office business clients as a professional service provider
Comfortable working in a fast-paced Agile/SCRUM based atmosphere for continuous service delivery
Oral communication skills including ability to actively listen
Good interpersonal relationship skills
Written communication skills - clear, understandable and unambiguous documentation and emails are a part of the role
Organized and able to plan future activities
Ability to learn new business situations and technology quickly
Creative thinking
Analytical mind set