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The Options Group São Paulo office is the only local search firm 100% focused on Financial Services. Opening in 2006, we cover all practice areas, from Markets & Investment Banking to Back Office and Operations. Our regimented approach to the business and in-depth market knowledge truly separates us from the competition.


Main coverage areas include the Buy Side (Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Private Wealth Management and Private Equity, FIC, Equities, Emerging Markets, Investment Banking, Risk Management, Quant Research/Analytics, Information Security, Accounting/Audit, Operations, Legal & Compliance, and Human Resources.


Options Group São Paulo has made it a priority to build our regional knowledge, as the hub for every foreign bank in Latin America is located here. Also, São Paulo is well connected business-wise with the rest of LatAm (specially the Andean Region and Southern Cone). Similar to our other offices, we play the local rules with full global support.

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