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Options Group first established an onshore presence in Hong Kong in December 2003. Since that time, Hong Kong has emerged as our primary Asia hub servicing a broad range of banks and buy-side clients. Options Group has 16 full-time consultants focusing on Equities, Fixed Income, Private Wealth Management, Investment Banking and China and Korea onshore recruitment.


The Hong Kong branch collaborates with other Asia offices while also serving multiple regional financial centers such as Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and Shenzhen. As is prevalent with our other global offices, we maintain an advantage over competitors by having strong roots in New York and London. This give us deeper insight into our clients’ global strategies as these cities serve as the power base for many international financial services firms.


Asia is the continent that is poised to see the greatest growth in the near future as the region emerges from a farming, agrarian economy to become a manufacturing and industrial powerhouse. More specifically the emergence of China as an economic superpower has positioned Hong Kong as the city to be at the forefront of this growth and the opportunities that go along with it.

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