Given that the markets business is not very deep in India, the Options Group Mumbai office primarily focuses on commercial banking, consumer banking, Private Equity, Insurance and building on KPO business. Additionally, our teams cover Accounting/Audit, Operations, Legal/Compliance, Human Resources, IT and Risk Management. In these newer areas, we lead by pure market intelligence, which keeps us ahead of competitors in the market. We have supported clients with a number of new start-ups and restructuring exercises.


India is one of the fastest growing economies in emerging markets. Apart from our ability to work on newer and different areas in financial services, we have very strong hold on our traditional business such as Credit, Equities, Securitized Products, Investment Banking and Asset Management. Given that regulators are taking steps to open up markets, that will create opportunities for us to move talent internationally and into India. Many of the skill sets, especially in the Fixed Income and Markets space, don’t exist in India currently.


Moreover, Options Group Mumbai enables us to help build businesses globally in the area of Consumer and Commercial Banking.

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