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Options Group’ Singapore differs from our competitors for a few reasons. We are able to leverage our regional and global intelligence and subsequently share that with our clients, whereas our traditional competitors tend to be solely Asia-centric. This expanded reach also means that we are able to introduce candidates from other regions that our clients would not typically see otherwise. Because there are limited pools of talent in Asia, clients often seek candidates who either want to repatriate back to Asia or who are open to relocating for the first time. Though our skill sets are quite diverse, we primarily specialize in Commodities, FX, Rates, Credit, and Electronic Trading.


Having the Singapore office gives Options Group an advantage in having someone on the ground that can cover not only Singapore, but also the rest of Southeast Asia. Singapore, being one of two financial hubs in non-Japan Asia, gives Options Group the opportunity to meet clients and candidates in person. On the intelligence side, it enables access to real-time market moves/information that would not be readily available without being in the trenches here.

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