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Options Group Announces Promotions for 2013

We are pleased to announce Options Group's 2013 promotions:
Managing Partner:
Oliver Read, Hong Kong

Alan Blum, New York

Executive Director:
Harjeev Bhalla, New York
Graham Smith, London
Eugenia Bae, Hong Kong
Anil Sharma, Mumbai
Bruno Argimon, Sao Paulo

Jan Veder, Frankfurt
Andrew Samson, London
Mattias Lorentzi, Tokyo
Bruno Supino, Sao Paulo
Anton Schegolev, New York
Lauren Leibson, New York

Vice President:
William Bond, London
Patricia Claro, Sao Paulo
Rudy Modylevsky, New York
Dan Mantini, New York
Sandra Pellot, New York
Dan Gabel, New York
Eugene Leventhal, Hong Kong

We congratulate all of these individuals for their dedication, leadership and productivity. Options Group believes the path to long-term success is achieved through cultivating teamwork and mentorship, and maintaining a meritocracy-based culture. Our promotion program not only acknowledges those that continue to increase their contribution to the firm, but also serves as an incentive, a goal and an aspiration for the entire organization. We thank these individuals and our global team for allowing us to exceed our objectives and continuing to improve the firm’s brand in the global marketplace.


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