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Options Group Announces Its 2016 Promotions

March 10, 2016, New York  Options Group, a leading executive search and consulting firm, announces the promotion of 35 employees, including two new managing partners, nine new partners, and a newly created role of chief growth officer. 
“We congratulate all of these individuals for their dedication, leadership and productivity.  Options Group believes the path to long-term success is achieved through cultivating teamwork and mentorship, and maintaining a meritocracy-based culture,” said Mike Karp, CEO of Options Group.   “Our promotion program not only acknowledges those that continue to increase their contribution to the firm, but also serves as an incentive, a goal and an aspiration for the entire organization.  We thank these individuals and our global team for allowing us to exceed our objectives and continuing to improve the firm’s brand in the global marketplace,” added Bob Reed, President of Options Group.
Options Group's 2016 promotions:
Chief Growth Officer:
Richard Stein, New York
Managing Partner:
Meri Miller, New York
Push Patel, New York
Andrew Bernstein, New York
Harjeev Bhalla, New York
Ismail Daftani, New York
Graham Smith, London
Paul Tapp, London
Matt Pecheur, Hong Kong
Noriko Hasumi, Tokyo
Russell Kopp, Hong Kong
Niall MacDonald, Hong Kong
Executive Director:
Jan Veder, co-Head of Frankfurt practice
Diana Herpel, co-Head of Frankfurt practice
Mattias Lorentzi, Tokyo
Ruthann Bowers, Hong Kong
Anil Chiruvolu, New York
Jessica Lee, New York
Anthony Mainolfi, New York
Anton Schegolev, New York
Aron Kidane, New York
Brian Palabrica, New York
Patrick Harman, New York
William Bond, London
Patricio Claro, Sao Paulo
Andre Guerra, Sao Paulo
Sandy Tang, Hong Kong
Anand Singh, Mumbai
Vice President:
Siddharth Dabbara, New York
Nicholas Kolyvas, New York
Eugene Farberov, New York
Miguel Figueroa, New York
Raahil Chhatpar, Hong Kong
Komei Ogiyama, Hong Kong
Parbhu Bissessar, New York
Founded in 1992, Options Group is a leading global executive search and strategic consulting firm for the financial services industry.  Since 2000, we have maintained a local presence on five continents and have placed thousands of mid- to senior-level professionals in all areas of the financial services industry at a range of institutions.  With over 175 consultants and market intelligence professionals worldwide, Options Group has a thorough knowledge of key competencies in the financial industry and is at the cutting edge of global hiring services and compensation trends for securities, investment banking, hedge funds, asset management, and information technology. 


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