Leadership Team | Ian King

Ian King

Ian King is a Partner in the Hong Kong office. He joined Options Group in 2021, having run a boutique firm in Hong Kong for over 7 years. With over a decade worth of experience, Ian historically specialized in senior placements in Equity Derivatives on both the buyside and the sellside, given his extensive experience across the Asia-Pacific region. Ian’s comprehensive knowledge of the Equity Derivatives talent pool, has allowed him to leverage this into Cross-Asset Derivatives, Quant Trading, Electronic Trading and a host of buyside investment roles where complex risk pricing is essential.


Because of Ian’s deep and daily contacts within the industry, he is able to know exactly what is happening today at each firm and is able to discern what the most successful firms are doing. Ian has partnered closely with senior-level management and founders, advising on all aspects of recruitment, the overall market and perceptions. In this regard, he has been instrumental in providing key insight on all issues relating to executive assessment, on-boarding, inclusion and diversity management.


In sourcing top level talent Ian is able to quickly deliver the big picture to the firm’s clients. His framework is one that fosters learning and creativity in sourcing talent and demonstrates the right answers begin with the right approach. It is built on flexibility and a systematic and proven process to gather the right intelligence as well as to adapt to new situations quickly. The firm’s competitive intelligence models help Ian leverage new talent pools quickly and frame requisitions strategically. They allow him to drive for impact and not just satisfaction, to trust hiring managers' assumptions but also to challenge them based on our real time data and analysis. Our intelligence is real time and can often contradict long held assumptions. As part of building business acumen Ian ensures the results of our sourcing from our competitive analysis helps improve business decision-making and create an actionable business strategy, get stakeholder buy-in, and develop a complete strategy implementation map.


At Options Group, Ian also works closely with our research and strategy division – OGiQ – to deliver clients bespoke competitive intelligence and human capital advisory. In addition to recruitment, Ian and his team provide competitive intelligence scans, management and cultural assessments, benchmarking, market sentiment analysis and compensation analytics.


Ian began his career in his career in London before moving to Hong Kong in 2013. He earned a degree in Classics at the University of Exeter.