Equity Derivatives Recruitment
Equity Derivatives

The core global Equity Derivatives team originated at Options Group over 16 years ago. This team of seasoned recruiters continually succeeds in everything from flow derivatives to highly structured products. We have consultants in place across all of the major financial markets in the US, Europe, South America, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.


Options Group covers Asset and Portfolio Management, proprietary trading and sell side trading platforms. Our expertise includes, sales, trading, research, technology, compliance and infrastructure. We are well known globally for our success in systematic and electronic trading, quantitative methods, research and model development. Our team has successfully completed hundreds of assignments for sales people and traders on the sell side, and our client base includes many of the world’s top investment banks and hundreds of hedge funds and asset managers around the globe.


We are global leaders in compensation analysis, and our understanding of global and local market trends are of immense value to our clients in terms of their strategic initiatives and staffing requirements.


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