Options Group Charities


Throughout its over 25 year history, Options Group has avidly supported organizations involved in literacy and education, as well as those devoted to eradicating disease and hunger knowing that, as a company in the people business, and as global citizens, it has responsibility to contribute resources where they can have both immediate and long-term impact.


Realizing that these efforts needed to be formalized, and to continue building a collaborative and positive workplace environment, David Korn, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, launched OG Gives Back, a company-wide global platform that will mobilize OG employees and partner with the firm’s clients to support regional activities focused on nourishing people’s minds, bodies, and hearts. To spearhead these initiatives, and collaborate with all stakeholders, Korn appointed Cindy Schreibman, a branding and engagement executive with extensive not-for-profit experience. Cindy has worked with Options Group for several years on key initiatives.


OG Gives Back’s mission includes harnessing this collective intent to affect change in ways big and small, and creating a framework that encourages and rewards community-minded behavior in the regions where the firm does business. Part of this change will be developing partnerships with groups and organizations focused on service that share the same vision.


Internally, OG Gives Back’s initiatives include an employee matching program, spotlighting and rewarding employees who volunteer their time and energy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training, organized events where employees can give back together, creating paths to nonprofit board service, and company-wide give back days.


OG Gives Back 2019 Activities and Events

April 18, 2019: Options Group NYC employee volunteers will assemble meal packages and create greeting cards for NYC’s homebound elderly at Citymeals on Wheels