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Global Banking & Markets

Options Group is a global leader in Banking executive search and consulting.

Global Banking & Markets

Options Group works with the world’s most dynamic companies and candidates, on the complete range of Equities, Investment Banking and FICC positions.

Supported by state-of-the-art technology, our global team quickly mobilizes cross-border and cross-functional executive searches to ensure we find the right person every time.

Global Banking & Markets


  • Equities Institutional Equity Sales & Trading

    The global Equities recruitment practice at Options Group covers a broad array of functions and products across the industry.

  • Equities Equity Derivatives

    The global Equity Derivatives team of seasoned consultants successfully recruits for everything from flow derivatives to highly structured products.

  • Equities Prime Finance

    As hedge funds view their counterparty relationships, they seek innovative and knowledgeable relationship managers with the intellect and the ability to deliver all the services they need from their institutions.

Global Banking & Markets

Investment Banking

  • Investment Banking Investment Banking

    Options Group partners with top global banks to define specific requirements for Investment Banking recruitment.

Global Banking & Markets


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