IQ Solutions

Competitive Intelligence

OGiQ is a global proprietary market intelligence and talent management network, unique to Options Group.

Competitive Intelligence

The OGiQ team provides vital intelligence on trends, issues, challenges, key performers, and competitor benchmarking to our clients.


OGiQ takes the uncertainty out of complex business decisions

In collaboration with our consultants, OGiQ facilitates the systematic approach to capturing, refining, and presenting comprehensive information to assist clients in addressing their talent and strategy challenges. As a result, OGiQ takes the uncertainty out of complex business decisions.


Vital real-time information

We provide our clients with the confidence of efficiency by harnessing proprietary information flows and analytics to improve the speed of data sharing between OGiQ and Options Group’s consultants, providing vital real-time information. 

Competitive Intelligence

OGiQ provides state of the art solutions in the following areas:

  • Business Strategies

    Strategic planning and goals, forecasting of human capital needs.

  • Executive Leadership

    Professional development, leadership identification, coaching, and on-boarding.

  • Corporate Culture

    Culture assessments.

  • Performance Management

    Competency assessment, metrics, identification of key talent, benchmarking.

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