OG University

Professional Development

OG University provides the highest level of professional development and certification in all aspects of the business for our employees.

OG University

Best-in-class knowledge and experience

Our aim is to equip all Options Group employees and clients with best-in-class knowledge and experience, while at the same time enhancing communication and problem solving capabilities with a commitment to best practices.

OG University

OG University enables employees and clients to:

  • Focus on key issues and questions in order to formulate clear and precise answers.

  • Gather and assess relevant information in order to interpret and solve client concerns.

  • Foster open-minded thinking and encourage critical assumptions, implications, and practical consequences.

  • Communicate effectively to uncover solutions to complex problems.

OG University

All aspects of the recruiting value chain

OG University covers a wide ranging set of modules focused on the lifecycle of the business from client development, sales, candidate development, and research & analysis to presentation skills, contract law, marketing and branding, international business and all aspects of the recruiting value chain.

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