Competitive Intelligence Financial Services – Options Group

Welcome to a new breed of market intelligence and talent management with OG iQ! As the central repository for market and competitive information at Options Group, the primary role of OG iQ is to be the catalyst for growth. By leveraging our recruiting and strategy professionals, we are able to provide unique, value-added insights, services and advice in our quest to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges. OG iQ is additionally responsible for developing intellectual capital and proprietary offerings at Options Group and is instrumental in overseeing our advanced tools and databases.


Proprietary information flows and data analytics are harnessed to rapidly disseminate this learning across the firm and around the world to the benefit of our clients. As a result, OG iQ takes the uncertainty out of complex business decisions. We are a team of skilled operators consisting of analysts, strategists and former executives with proven track records in successfully helping our clients produce exceptional results. Our experts are deeply committed to the financial services industry's best practices relating to operational excellence, best-in-class talent and elevated brand value to ultimately increase profitability.


As OG iQ consultants, we offer a unique model as we are continuously engaged with the market and the people who impact it. Our key differentiators are real-time intelligence captured through our talent acquisition platform and original primary research with all the leading market participants on trends, issues, challenges, key performers, and competitor benchmarking. OG iQ allows us to be disciplined and systematic in our approach, so that we are able to capture, distill, package and disseminate information in a very structured way to meet each of our clients’ needs.


OG iQ provides state-of-the-art solutions in the following areas:


Business Strategies — strategic planning and goals, forecasting of human capital needs.


Executive Leadership — professional development, leadership identification, coaching, and onboarding.


Corporate Culture — culture assessments.


Performance Management — competency assessment, metrics, identification of key talent, benchmarking.


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