2019/2020 Buyside Report

From the firm that produced Wall Street’s most trusted comp report, Options Group is pleased to offer the 2019/2020 Buyside Report, available now.

What’s inside:

The buyside report contains detailed compensation data for everyone from analysts and marketers, to portfolio managers at mid-sized to large funds (>$5 billion+ AUM) around the world, and accounts for poor to good performance.

Also included are a global hiring heat map by region and product area, high-profile people moves, and examples of accepted, rejected, and countered hiring offers. This year’s report covers all of the following product areas:

Investment Professionals

  • Multi-Strategy
  • Global Macro
  • Long/Short Equity
  • Credit
  • CTA/Managed Futures
  • Systematic Trading
  • Structured Products
  • Asset Management/Long-Only Investing
  • Private Equity

Non-investment Professionals

  • Distribution
  • Quantitative Research / Data Science
  • Risk Management / Compliance

No longer available

The file you requested is no longer available. Please contact us for more information.