Cross-Border Negotiations

Our client was a major player in Latin America private equity that had a signicant stake in a consumer healthcare company with branches in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. The portfolio company wanted to expand into Colombia, a market that was also completely new to our client. Our task was to find a controller for the Colombian unit of the portfolio company.

A few months after the start of the search, the successful candidate started. The placement marks a first for both the portfolio company and the private equity parent. According to Angela, “one of the best achievements was to get this ‘three-in-one’ client to agree and hire the best candidate.” Armando concedes that cross-border projects are “always challenging, but great team work, customer management and constant, open communication with all the sponsors involved were key to our success.” The CFO of Brazil had the last word: “Armando and Angela, thank you for your patience and perseverance…To close this process in a so positive manner with persons in Brazil, Mexico and Colômbia is for sure a great achievement. Thank you!”

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