Global Financial Markets Overview & Compensation Report 2019/2020

Available Now: The 2019/2020 Compensation Report from Options Group today, long considered “nation’s most trusted Wall Street pay data report.”

Inside: Answers to top compensation questions and insights on the trends driving compensation well into 2020, including:

  • Major themes that impacted global compensation in 2019
  • Who among the U.S., EMEA, and Asia, will be paid higher, lower, or the same versus last year
  • What products are seeing the greatest demand for talent, globally
  • Which regions and products are hiring mostly to replace talent, or are likely to see reductions in headcount
  • Between Fixed Income, Credit and Commodities, and Equities, which products are seeing moderate to high demand for fresh talent
  • In accordance with New York’s Salary History Ban Law, what questions are allowed or not allowed during interviews conducted in
    New York City
  • Top-level salary ranges paid out to Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Associates across the world in FICC,
    Equities, Investment Banking, Quantitative Strategy, Risk, Compliance, IT, and Private Wealth Management.
    (The report is GDPR compliant.)
  • Where the who’s who of top performers landed up after leaving their top roles at prestigious firms
  • Bonus offer examples: Get answers to why people accepted, rejected, or stayed at their current firms. Higher comp? Bigger roles? Different opportunities? Find out in the report!

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