Trust & Confidentiality Upgrade the Bank

Our client was the investment banking arm of a universal bank that wanted to upgrade the leadership of one of its verticals. The challenge was that there was an incumbent in the position. To be fair to the person currently leading the vertical and to protect the integrity and morale of the team, it was essential that the search be conducted with the greatest possible condentiality. As few people as possible had to be interviewed to prevent news about the client’s plans from becoming public.

The client ended up appointing two members of the team as co-heads and also hired another senior investment banker. What made them such an ideal team for our client wasn’t just their excellent book of business. They represented the kind of culture the head of the investment bank wanted to develop: a more aggressive style of leadership, a sense of drive, with greater expectations about revenues, size of clients and sizes of deals. For the head of investment banking, the hires represented a seamless transition to what he wanted his firm to become.

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