Options Group 2022/2023 Global Financial Markets Overview & Compensation Report: “Currency, Conflict, and Comeback”

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Wall Street's most trusted pay data report for C-Suite and global HR executives, Options Group’s comprehensive annual reports are critical tools for hiring and compensation decision makers.

In 2022, market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, and currency fluctuations were leading indicators for how banks, funds, and family offices would hire and determine compensation and bonus pools.

Corrections among investment banking revenues and other internal business lines made for one of the most challenging bonus cycles in recent years. Inquire below to receive a free preview of the report and to purchase your essential guidance for hiring and compensation decisions for 2023.

The 2022/2023 Global Overview & Compensation Report covers every aspect of the hiring equation, including:
  • Top-level salary ranges paid out to Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Associates across the world in FICC, Equities, Investment Banking, Electronic Markets, Quantitative Strategy, Risk, Compliance, IT, and Private Wealth Management (The report is GDPR compliant.)
  • Year-over-year compensation comparison data revealing which finance executives in U.S., EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India, and Australia will be paid higher, lower, or the same versus last year.
  • High-profile executive moves of the “Who’s Who” in finance with titles, current, and prior firms; Offer examples and motives behind accepted, rejected and countered offers
  • Global hiring heat map of forecasted activity, including which regions and product areas will see high activity, headcount reductions, replacement hires, or no activity.
  • Exclusive insights for 2023 global hiring and compensation trends according to key Options Group personnel and internal survey data
Also included:
  • Top global firms’ revenue data comparing FY 2021 vs. Q1-Q3 2022 in FICC, Equities, and Investment Banking
  • Digital Assets (cryptocurrency) market summary and hiring trends
  • ESG market summary, compensation data and hiring trends