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Raveen Shah

Co-Chief Operating Officer , London, Mumbai

Raveen is a Managing Partner and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Options Group, based in the London office.

About Raveen Shah

Raveen is a Managing Partner and the Co-Chief Operating Officer of Options Group.
Based in London, he joined the firm in 2000 and began his career growing the firm’s European Fixed Income practice with a focus on Credit and Interest-Rate products. He then expanded into the Emerging Markets both onshore and offshore with a particular focus on the Middle East, India and Russia, eventually helping develop local presences for the firm.
Raveen covers clients across Financial Services with a specific focus on Hedge Funds and Investment Banks.

Prior to joining Options Group, Raveen was called to the Bar at Middle Temple and holds a LLB from the London School of Economics.

Away from the office Raveen enjoys seeking out street food in the deepest and darkest corners of the world.

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