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BLOOMBERG Banks Continue to Downsize in Commodities
December 13, 2012

RISK MAGAZINE Derivatives Trader 2.0: Sun is Setting on Old-School Risk-Takers (subscription required)
December 6, 2012

WALL STREET JOURNAL Equity Comp Forecasts Still Gloomy (subscription required)
October 26, 2012

JOB SEARCH DIGEST Bankers Jumping Ship, Moving to Hedge Funds
July 2, 2012

WEALTH BRIEFING Women in Wealth (subscription required)
June 28, 2012

ENERGY INTELLIGENCE FINANCE Options Group’s Vickram Tandon Addresses Volcker Rule
June 28, 2012

FINANCIAL TIMES Pay Levels, Bonuses Continue to Shrink (subscription required)
June 13, 2012

BLOOMBERG Rough Summer Ahead Due to Euro
June 10, 2012

FINS FINANCE Cuts Expected After Q2
June 6, 2012

BUSINESS WEEK Firms Continue to Reduce Costs
June 6, 2012

ABC NEWS Much to Evaluate as Compensation Stalls (see page 2)
June 6, 2012

NY POST More Layoffs to Come
June 5, 2012

BUSINESS WEEK Hedge Funds Offering Robust Pay Packages to Senior Trader

BLOOMBERG Banks Reducing Headcounts in Commodities According to Options Group’s Tyler Jackson
May 2, 2012

WALL STREET JOURNAL Excess Staff, Lack of Deals Cause IB Cutbacks at Tier 1 Firms
April 23, 2012

PE ASIA Options Group Discusses Challenges of Recruiting Private Equity Professionals to Work in China
April 23, 2012

eFINANCIALCAREERS Managing Partner Korn Optimistic for Remainder of 2012
April 5, 2012

WALL STREET JOURNAL Despite Plummeting Bonuses and Stiff Competition, Wall Street Allure Still High
March 28, 2012

SMARTCOMPANY Commodity Traders' Pay Plummets, Says Options Group
March 2, 2012

WALL STREET JOURNAL Major Regulations to Hinder 2012 Compensation, Says Karp
February 29, 2012

REUTERS Commodity Trading Firms Poaching Wall Street Talent
February 14, 2012

FINS FINANCE Karp Gives Expertise on FX Trading Compensation
February 9, 2012

FINS FINANCE New Regulations Play Large Factor in Bonus Deferrals
January 26, 2012

ABC NEWS OG’s Comp Forecast Highlighted by ABC News
January 23, 2012

THE NEW YORK TIMES Come Bonus Time, Not All Employees Created Equal
January 16, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT Cuts Continue; Options Group Praised for Compensation Research
January 12, 2012

NY POST Pay Increases Keep Bonuses in Question
January 12, 2012

ABC NEWS Options Group Cited by ABC News in Feature on Dwindling Bonuses
January 9, 2012

BLOOMBERG Bankers in Brazil Paid Higher Due to Limited Talent
January 5, 2012