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See what Options Group co-founder, Michael Karp, and others have to say regarding executive compensation and more.

OG India Technology Webinars

As we continue social distancing, technology is keeping us in touch. The digital transformation witnessed by us recently, had already been applied and practiced in many industries with a positive impact over the years. Join our webinar sessions as we #talktech with the industry experts who stand strong by the idea of a technology-led world.

CEO Mike Karp on CNBC

Mike Karp CEO discusses Wall Street Compensation on CNBC’s Squawk Box. It is a wide ranging interview focused on winners, losers and what to expect in 2020.

It’s good to have Options.

We live in a world where outthinking is as critical as outdoing, and where winners today are defined by an entirely different set of criteria. Welcome to Options Group.

Mike Karp CEO on what to expect in the upcoming bonus season and who is set to benefit the most.

CEO Mike Karp on the release of the industry's leading annual compensation report.

Nov. 15 (Bloomberg TV) - Options Group CEO Mike Karp was interviewed on Bloomberg TV on November 15th to discuss our firm’s 2017/2018 Annual Compensation Report. This year’s report, entitled “The Year of Geopolitical Upset.” surveys the talent market from January 1 to October 31, 2017. It derives its depth and dimension from average year-over-year changes in group compensation, compensation forecasts, historical compensation data, compensation benchmarks by specific roles, significant people moves in the current year and insightful analysis of hiring trends.

Founders Reflect on Previous 25 Years and Goals for Vision 2020

July. 26 (Options Group) - Options Group celebrates 25 years of inspired, creative, and innovative leadership under co-founders Mike Karp & Bob Reed. In the words of Henry Ford, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

OG Competitive Intelligence

Sep. 15 (Options Group) - OGIQ’s team of analysts and thought leaders employ the art and science of Competitive Intelligence to better understand the environmental factors and competitive influences impacting the firm’s clients and candidates in order to provide the most effective and valuable actionable intelligence anywhere.

OGIQ: Elevated Intelligence that Matters

Sep. 6 (Options Group) - Options Group's team of researchers and analysts, OGIQ, mines and melds thousands of data points, processes and distills learning from extensive proprietary research, and applies keen understanding and wisdom to extant data to ensure that a candidate’s fit to culture, function and role creates organizational structures that succeed and thrive.

Limitations of Diploma Mills

Aug. 17 (Reuters) - Options Group’s Chief Executive, Michael Karp discusses diploma mills and how it can affect candidates’ employment opportunities. To view Bianca Chen’s full video: Click here