Leadership Team | Push Patel

Push Patel

Push Patel is a Managing Partner and Co-Head of the Buyside Practice. He has helped the firm achieve a dominant market share and has led significant build-outs for portfolio managers, quantitative researchers, and high performance technologists. Push leads a team with members across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. As a Founding member of the Electronic Trading practice, his client base has evolved into hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, asset managers and private equity where he leads investigative intelligence and recruitment to target the highest caliber of quantitative & technical minds.


Push has also been instrumental in the expansion of the firm's machine learning practice by advising traditional firms invest into innovative solutions while keeping systematic houses relevant. His team has created a strong track record of bringing Silicon Valley’s most hands on drivers into hedge funds and investment banks.


Push oversees the execution of full life cycle recruitment and has partnered closely with senior-level management and founders at client firms, which has enabled the firm to be the "trend-setter," advising clients on the overall market and perceptions within systematic trading. In addition to recruitment, Push's team also provides competitive intelligence management scans, management and cultural assessments, benchmarking and succession planning, market sentiment analysis, and compensation analytics and advisory. Push has led a process-driven, research-intensive methodology which truly differentiates Options Group from the competition.


Push joined the firm in 2004 previously worked at IBM and JP Morgan Chase. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems, he began his career as a Network Engineer at Cingular Wireless. Push also has a keen interest in the field of Music Production and Engineering and owns his own professional recording studio.