Compensation Custom Reports – Financial Services
Nuances in firm types and/or geography can create large differences in compensation. For this reason, Options Group offers custom compensation benchmarking studies tailored to suit your firm’s specific needs. Custom studies can be very specific, by age range and academic credentials, limited to a basket of key competitors for entry-level professionals to executives. Examples of previous studies and custom reports are:
(1) Family office seeking compensation benchmarks for key executives at large hedge funds, large mutual funds and the largest pension funds in the US.
(2) Boutique firm in Latin America seeking compensation benchmarks for their investment professionals at only other Latin American boutiques.
(3) Proprietary trading firm seeking compensation benchmarks for their back-office technology team.
(4) Hedge fund seeking compensation benchmarks for junior research analysts, with and without MBAs.
(5) Private bank seeking benchmarks for product-specific structurers at only broker-dealers and boutiques.
(6) Global full-service bank seeking compensation benchmarks for existing employees reassigned to winding down a portfolio.

No two studies or formats are alike.  Below are a few samples.