Systematic & Electronic Trading

Systematic Investing

The battle for alpha and technology has created an ever-increasing demand for the world’s top talent.

Systematic Investing

At Options Group, we understand our clients’ unique desire to hire from a superior pool of quantitative research and technology professionals, and have built a practice centered on this highly competitive market, dating back to the early 90’s.

Systematic Investing

Successfully migrating such talent into the financial industry

We have worked on numerous searches with leading quantitative hedge funds and proprietary trading firms, high-frequency trading firms and platforms, multi-strategy hedge funds, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, and major global investment banks, supplying candidates at all experience levels, from entry-level professionals to top executives.

Options Group was one of the first in our industry to tap into the STEM graduate candidate pipelines across top tier universities. We prioritized forging long-term relationships with advisors to provide additional career outlets for their students, which has resulted in a track record of successfully migrating such talent into the financial industry, especially before finance was an established career path for those backgrounds. This key differentiator has given us a major edge.

Today, Options Group has a global team focused not only on facilitating execution of the most difficult searches in the systematic investing space, but providing actionable competitive intelligence and human capital advisory to our client partners.


Systematic Investing

Options Group is at the forefront of innovation

The talent pool is wider, deeper, and more competitive than ever when it comes to technology-enabled trading, so our firm prides itself on successfully advising some of the most creative minds in the world. We have advised our client partners on significant organizational transformations and team builds, enabling them to become first movers into new spaces.

Our dedicated team of 50+ professionals in Systematic Coverage continues to provide expert counsel, strategy, and human capital perspectives on these markets and advise our clients globally on the threats and challenges facing the industry and its ever-changing landscape. Options Group is at the forefront of innovation and our Systematic Business has worked closely with our research and technology teams to develop in-house software that integrates AI and predictive analytics.

The firm’s unique ability to assess publicly available data, subscriptions to proprietary data sets, and exclusive insights garnered from tens of thousands of conversations each month allow us to provide unparalleled human capital guidance.


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We’ve successfully fulfilled the following positions in Systematic Investing.

  • Systematic Trader – FICC

    Associate – $50B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • Lead Quantitative Rates Trader

    Portfolio Manager – $15B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • QR – Fixed Income (Macro Strategies)

    Analyst – $5B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • Quant Researcher, Agency MBS

    Vice President – $15B+ Quant Fund

  • Trader, Head of Systematic Credit Market Making & PT

    Managing Director – Global Liquidity Provider

  • Equities Options Trader, Head of Flow Vol

    Managing Director – $50B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • Quant Modeler – Execution Quant

    Vice President – Subsidiary of Major APAC Financial Firm

  • Systematic Trader, ETF Systematic Trading

    Quantitative Prop Trading Firm

  • QR/QD, Equity Vol

    Managing Director – $15B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • Quantitative Strategist, Equity Algorithmic Trading

    Associate – Digital Market Making Firm

  • Quant Researcher

    Quantitative Prop Trading Firm

  • Quant Researcher and Developer

    Vice President – $60B+ Multi-Strat Fund

  • QR – Global Quantitative Strategies

    Director – $50B+ Multi-Strat Fund

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