Financial Services Recruiter Jobs – Options Group

One individual company. Countless universal benefits.

All of the Options Group offices work seamlessly to offer our clients global access to talent. Our global reach is not only hugely beneficial to our financial success, but also an asset to all of our employees. Whether in London, Hong Kong, New York or Sao Paulo, we work together on all projects and mandates, and we capitalize on our global reach to create a diverse work environment, typically absent from any boutique firm.


At Options Group we pride ourselves on our commitment to personal development. We believe that the concept having a single defined role is more often a burden than an efficient mechanism of proficiency. Our researchers can always decide to take on an industry focus, or even move into recruitment. Further, with our extremely strong research and technology teams, all recruiters can forge their own paths. No one individual is the same at Options Group, and no one role is the same for everyone.


A culture of excellence is promoted here. Our employees are highly independent, and each individual pushes those around her to be their best. Our teams are extremely collaborative and search consultants with differing industry focuses leverage all firm resources for clients. Often, recruiters across focuses will work in tandem to grow our business, and sometimes even build out new practices. Our Risk Management group, for example, was the brainchild of select search consultants working in our IT, Equities, Fixed Income, and Hedge Fund practices.


What does it take to work at Options Group?

We seek motivated, hard-working folks who take individual accountability seriously, while being dedicated team players. Our collaborative work environment requires each of our employees to think quickly and sharply to properly facilitate team growth. Thoughtful participation from even the most junior level employees is of paramount importance to our success. Interpersonal skills are a must. All of our employees consistently engage with clients and are asked to present ideas to senior management on a consistent basis. You will always be heard at Options Group, but to be heard you must first speak. Engaging leaders have an ability to listen while remaining assertive and appropriately responsive. At Options Group, we look for leaders.