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Entrepreneurial spirit
lives here.

At Options Group, there is never a limit placed on individual growth. The OG entrepreneurial spirit represents the paramount distinction between us and our competitors. While every recruiter and researcher benefits from collaboration and team efforts, individuals are encouraged to pursue any and all ideas. Recognizing that not every plan of action is a success, we will never stymie hard work and gumption. Respect at Options Group is earned, and meritocracy will always beat out hierarchy. Junior employees are not here to work under senior members. Rather, our partners serve as guides to developing the entrepreneurial disposition within every OG employee. Here at Options Group we work with each other, not for each other.


A full day is a fulfilling day at OG.

The co-founder of Options Group, Bob Reed, is up at 6:30 a.m. every day — his first task completing calls to Asia. If Bob does not have a meeting in the morning, he will eat breakfast at his desk and begin setting up interviews. By 9:30, he holds a group meeting discussing active searches, active clients, and business development. Bob will then engage with our European offices to get an update on our cross-border business. Throughout the day, Bob is in touch with our New York consultants on a real-time basis, exchanging ideas about candidates and potential new clients and new business pitches. Lunch calls for a quick breath of fresh air before getting back to the desk. There is never a dull moment at Options Group as we have an eclectic group of recruiters all striving to be the best.


Health, fitness and overall well-being is a high priority at Options Group. But before his late-afternoon trip to the gym, Bob coordinates meetings with consultants and research to develop proper intelligence for the businesses at hand. Come evening, Bob will have a minimum of two candidate meetings. He makes sure colleagues at Options Group mirror this as it is imperative to stay in touch with candidates on a daily basis. Additionally, it is of utmost importance for Bob to visit clients and candidates with other Options Group consultants in order to gain different perspectives and discuss ideas. When the day is over, Bob will end where he began – making calls to Asia.


The primary goal for Options Group is to create an environment of constant intellectual stimulation, where interacting with the top one percent of educated professionals makes you better by desire or default.


The right balance. The perfect blend.

The people at Options Group do not take their work home — they bring their passion and interests to work. As a family, OG employees will occasionally take half a Monday off to go bowling, or even an entire day to soak in the sun on the beach. Our firm understands the importance of balancing work and fun. The pithy maxim of "work hard, play hard" has been altered at Options Group, where we say, "work hard, play harder."


Lastly, we take pride in helping others. We work with dozens of partner organizations to help those in need. All of our employees are encouraged to participate in charitable endeavors. Take a look at some of the charities we have supported over the years.